Links to other breeders that I can recommend. 

Pongos Caviary 

Oltedal, Norway

- Breeds californians and pet. 

Sikotos Caviary

Drammen, Norway

- Breeds pet.

Nova´s Caviary

Hurdal, Norway

- Breeds pet, self and english crested.  

Keeta´s Caviary

Skudeneshavn, Norway

- Breeds pet, Self and English Crested.  

Cavycastle Caviary

Hobøl, Norway

- Breeds texel, alpaca, sheltie, lunkarya, merino, peruaner, coronet, self, english crested and pet. 

Nivlheim Caviary

Sarpsborg, Norway

- Breeds pet and abbisinian. 

By Friis Caviary

Brønderslev, Denmark

- Breeds pet and abbisinian. 

Streaker´s Caviary


- Breeds skinny