The breeder

My name is Marita, I'm 19 years old, and I'm the one who drives this caviary. As a supporter and aided in caviary I have my mother. I live in Ålgård just outside Stavanger in Rogaland (Norway). Here I live with my mother, stephfather, our two dogs and not least our guinea pigs.

Besides breeding, I work at Ålgård Zoo and as a healthcare worker in Gjesdal municipality. I have grown up with animals ever since I was born and have always been interested in all kinds of animals ever since I was little. The marsvin interest became bigger and bigger after I started working at the animal store at Ålgård.

Beyond animals, I have a lot of interest in photography and do stuff with friends. I often sit down with the camera and take pictures of the animals.




Caviary was approved by NMK 03.07.2017

Our breeding today consists of 31 guinea pigs of various breeds. We breed the breeds alpaca, skinny, sheltie, texel and pet.

It first started with my three guinea pigs males of my colleague. But I was quickly bitten by the basil and got a couple of females too. And this is the start of shamrock porpoise caviary

Our goal of breeding is first and foremost to breed nice and healthy animals with a good lightning. But we also focus on animal quality and want the best for them. We choose quality above the quantity.

We want to focus on several different types of agouti in most of the races. In our pet we also want to focus on rosettes, as well as satin. We will also try to bring californian into breeding eventually.

Apart from breeding on guinea pigs we also travel at some annual guinea pig exhibitions. Exhibitions are something we are doing for fun, but it is very interesting and exciting to get judgments and prizes above their animals.



The daily care

We feed our guinea pigs with Beaphar pellets, type of care +. The skinnies also get Rabbit Royale, a mixed ingredient given to maintain the fat layer.

Besides the pellets, they also get hay. We buy this from a local customer and we make sure that the high quality is good, which is good for the cavies. 

They also get vegetables of different kinds every day. We cut this up so that they get a little bit of every single day. It is important for vegetables that contain good with c vitamins.

Outside food, they get fresh and tasty water every day. It is important to change water daily so that it does not end up with algae and so in the water. Fresh good water always tastes the best!

In summer we try as much as we can to pick grass, dandelion, gossip and other edible plants from outside. It's always fun to let the pigs have a taste of summer.



Our goals in 2018

  • Breed nice, healthy and good guinea pigs. 
  • Get rosettes in the pet breeding, and focus on the pets with rosettes.
  • Make rosette cavy with satin and californian markings.
  • Join the show Colours of Autumn (COA).
  • Join the Wallonia show i Belgia.
  • Join the nordic championship.